Mulberry Lane Farm

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Touch the Wonders of Mulberry Lane Petting Farm. Mulberry Lane Farm offers an ideal country learning environment where people of all ages can interact with farm animals.

Pick a Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch:
We have the best Pumpkin Patch in Wisconsin! Guests who visit during the fall season are invited to The Pumpkin Patch to pick their own FREE pumpkin! Farmer Pat plants a variety of pumpkins so whether you are looking for a big or small pumpkin, you’ll find just the right one. With acres of pumpkins to search through, you’ll discover each one looks better than the next. Kind of like being lost in a candy store!

Enjoy a Hayride:
Farmer Pat loves taking our guests out on the hayride. The hay wagon pulled by the farm’s tractor takes you to the back of the farm. Keep your eyes open as you circle around the pasture where you may see cattle, ponies and horses grazing. Hang on…it’s a fun ride!

Ride a Pony:
Mulberry Lane Farm is home to over a dozen ponies. Blondie, Thunder and Winter are 3 of our mares (female ponies) that have offspring at the farm. Teddy Bear, Smokey and Buster are geldings (castrated male ponies) that may be in the pony ring the day of your visit. Our Welch ponies are taller ponies and the Shetlands are shorter. The pony ride will be a highlight of your child’s visit.

Milk a Cow:
Did you know, on average, a cow drinks 30 gals of water a day! That’s nearly a bathtub of water. A young female cow is called a heifer and must have a calf to produce milk. And sorry, but brown cows don’t give us chocolate milk. Learn this and other interesting “cow” facts during your farm visit. Is milking a cow on your bucket list? Now’s your chance. Everyone has the opportunity to milk a cow during their farm visit.

Catch a Chicken:
When our guests return to The Granary at the end of their farm visit we often ask them, “What was your favorite animal today at the farm?” Hands-down the boys will chime in,”catching a chicken!” Can you catch a chicken?!? Now’s your chance. We invite everyone to enter the chicken coop to catch a chicken. Can’t catch one? That’s okay. Our helpful farmers will catch one for you.

Kiss a Pig:
While visiting our petting farm you’ll visit the Teenage Pig Pen and the Sow Barn. You'll also learn fun pig facts. Did you know it takes 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days for a sow to have her piglets? As you enter the Teenage Pig Pen you'll have the opportunity to pet a pig and feel their fine hair. And yes, kiss one if you wish.

Cuddle a Kitten:
One of the most popular stops at the farm is The Kitten Barn. You’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from the cutest, most playful kittens around. Spend a minute, or spend an hour. They are cute!

Hand feed Goats and Sheep:
You’ll have the opportunity to hand feed goats and sheep along with holding their kids and lambs. While in the sheep pen be sure to run your fingers into the wool of the sheep to feel the lanolin found beneath. Did you know sheep are the only producers of lanolin? Also, Billy goats aren’t the only ones with beards and horns. Nannies (female goats) have them too. You’ll learn tons of animal facts while visiting the petting farm.

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