The Little Farmer Orchard & Farm Market

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The Little Farmer Orchard & Farm Market is a 139 acre family farm grows 20 acres each of apples and pumpkins. Come enjoy homemade caramel, pick your own apples & pumpkins till the end of November.


Pumpkin Patches:
Grab one of our little red wagons and hike to a field for a true pumpkin seeking adventure. From Mid-September through October, hop aboard the free tractor pulled hay ride to the patches on Saturday and Sunday. This wagon runs from 10 am to 4pm (weather permitting) and is located near the parking lot at the “U-Pick Checkout”. Otherwise, we encourage you to walk to the fields for a true pumpkin seeking adventure. We also offer lots of pre-picked pumpkins gathered around the buildings so you don’t have to go too far.

The Corn Maze:
Not too far from the playground is the corn maze. We try to keep you corn-fused for at least 20 minutes. It is a little over 2 acres. If you have time, you can help us figure out who stole the pie from the Bakery. (A fun game to help your kids learn about animal tracks.)

Most of the playground is for small children and toddlers. Older children can enjoy it as well, but grown kids don’t fit on the tricycles. Some of the things you’ll find here are the straw mountain which is for kids of all ages, straw maze for little ones, trike path for little tykes on trikes, swings and tepees.

Tractor driven hayrides weave through the orchards, fields and our old growth 40 acre woods. Each ride lasts about 25 minutes. Babies in arms are free. (All rides are dependent on the weather, we can’t run in the rain.) Hayrides are handicapped accessible.

The goats are always hungry. Yes, we do feed them, but they love to be hand fed by little hands. They’ll walk to the tippy top of the goat ramp for a pellet treat. We have goat pellets for sale. We do not allow you to feed them “people food” because our pellets are nutritionally safe for goat and sheep tummies.

U-Pick Apples:
U-Pick Apples begin with the ripening of the McIntosh apples, which is close to Labor Day weekend. As the season progresses, we offer Cortland ,Red Delicious and Spartan, if the crop permits. Bags are pre-purchased by a cashier who will direct you to the picking area. You are not allowed to pick in your own containers or reuse bags from a previous visit.

U-Pick Pumpkins:
U-Pick Pumpkins are available as soon as they are ripe, usually in early September. You can find the perfect pumpkin among any field or pre-picked gathered around the buildings. We use measuring rings to determine the price. Measure your selection at one of the sizing stations located around the farm. On weekends, you can get a free ride on the U-Pick Wagon to the fields. You may also bring your own little wagon to aid in your picking adventure.

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