Waldvogel's Pumpkin Farm

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Waldvogel’s Farm is your Fall Fun destination. With more than 30 attractions, you are sure to have a full day of fun. Bring your camera and be prepared to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Corn Maze
Navigate through a 9-acre corn maze at Waldvogel's Farm. Get a bird's eye view of the amazing design from the lookout tower. Get lost at Waldvogel's Farm this fall! Always one of the best corn mazes in Wisconsin. Many people stop at Waldvogel's Farm just for the corn maze.

Free Hayride To The Pumpkin Patch
Enjoy a free hayride out to our pumpkin patch. Stay in the patch and find your perfect pumpkin, or stay on the hayride and come back to the farm. Waldvogel's Farm grows a variety of colors and sizes of pumpkins including orange, white and even pink. Prices are by the pound.

The hayride is available on weekends from 10:00 am to 5:45 pm and on weekdays at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm only (weather permitting).

Pirate Ship
A new addition for 2016! Play as pirates aboard our giant pirate ship. Walk the plank, steer the ship, look out the crow's nest, and ride down the slide.
The pirate ship is sure to be one of the new favorites at Waldvogel's Farm.

Pony Rides
Experience the magic of riding and petting a beautiful little pony.

Waldvogel Express Farm Train
All aboard! Take a relaxing ride around the farm in the Waldvogel's Express. Get a nice tour of a real working farm without the chores. One of our most popular attractions!

The train is available on weekends from 10:00 am to 5:45 pm and on weekdays at 4:30 pm only.

The Lost Mine
Unique to Waldvogel’s Farm is The Lost Mine. A very popular destination for our guests. What is down there? You will have to come and experience it for yourself!

9 Hole Mini Golf
Enjoy a nice leisurely round of mini-golf. The mini-golf course at Waldvogel's Farm is a favorite among all ages. Whether you keep score and play to win, or just want to hit a few golf balls around, play as many rounds as you'd like.

Gemstone Mining
Unleash your inner miner when you pan for gold. Each bag of mining rough contains an assortment of gems and rocks.

Pumpkin Pedaller 500
Test your pedalling skills on our race track. Challenge your friends or take it nice-and-slow. Either way it is great exercise and a lot of fun.

Underground Slides
Grab a burlap sack and zoom down the slides. This attraction is so popular we added a 2nd slide in 2015. Running up the hill and going down the slides are a great way to tire out your excited children.

Haunted Granary
What's better than a haunted house? A haunted granary of course! Enter if you dare. Make sure you look around corners slowly. Oh, and remember, you never know when something will reach out and say hello.

Pumpkin Launcher
What's better than a haunted house? A haunted granary of course! Enter if you dare. Make sure you look around corners slowly. Oh, and remember, you never know when something will reach out and say hello.

Pumpkin Oympics
Compete for pride and country at the Waldvogel's Farm Pumpkin Olympics. Events include pumpkin ski-ball, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin toss, and pumpking putt-putt golf.

Big Swing
Take a seat on a swing made for a giant. A great way to get a memorable photo of the entire family.

Trike Track
Watch your little one zoom around the track on one of our trikes.

Face Painting
Transform your cheek, forehead, nose or entire face into a beautiful masterpiece. Choose from a wide variety of designs and colors. One of our most popular destinations for kids and adults of all ages.

Face painting is available from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

Barnyard Buddies
The animals at Waldvogel's Farm are quite talented. Watch them walk on high platforms and eat. Boy do they love to eat. There are goats, bunnies, geese, fish and several types of chickens and roosters.

Jump Around
New for 2016 is our new jump around attractions. The kids love bouncing to see who can jump the highest. Who said you need to be at a Badger game to jump around?

Duck Races
See who can get their plastic ducky to the other side the fastest. Always a good time to compete against the entire family.

Hop-Along Rodeo
Hop around on little inflateable animals and bouncy balls. Enjoy your own rodeo while the children bounce around and have a blast.

Pigtail Races
A fun 4-player local co-op game where you race pigs. See who can make the pig run the fastest across the platform.

Horse Around
Have a seat and swing around on our resident work-horses. A fun time for the kids and a great workout for the adults.

Horse Hoops
How hard could it be to toss a ring around a wooden horse's neck? It may sound simple enough, but try it and see for yourself how challenging it can be.

Corn Walk
New for 2016 is a shorter corn maze meant for a leisurely walk. With only a few twists and turns, this corn maze is great for younger children or for those who want a shorter experience.

Hay Barn With Crawl-Through Tunnel
Who would have known that what cows eat is so fun to play in? Try to make your way through the tunnel underneath the hay and come out the other side.

Hill Climb
Flex your muscles by climbing the steep hill. Use the rope to conquer this tough obstacle. 2 rope paths are available to compete for king of the hill.

Halloween Cutouts
Capture a memory of the children or entire family next to one of our many cutouts. Start or continue a familiy tradition with a picture every year. Some parents have pictures of themselves from over 20 years ago next to the same cutout where they can now take a picture of their children.

Fish Pond
Enjoy a look into our beautiful pond. With hundreds of fish swimming around, you are sure to see some swimming around. Grab a handful of fish food and be ready to watch a feeding frenzy.

Antique Farm Equipment
Go back to a simpler time by seeing and touching antique farm equipment. A great opportunity to sit on a tractor and take a picture!

Waldvogel's Farm: A Day You'll Always Remember

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